- Time Released Granular Herbicide (3# Can 12/Case, 40# Can) (PDF)
Two powerful herbicides, Diuron and Bromacil, are combined together to form a double action, “time released” nonselective granular soil sterilant. The Bromacil goes to work instantly to destroy the plant from the roots up. This is the initial killing phase. The Diuron is remarkably slow dissolving making it possible to extend the herbicide’s optimum-effect throughout the entire season. This secondary phase provides a long-lasting barrier to prevent regrowth. The active ingredients are manufactured with wetting agents and penetrants and encapsulated in a natural granular carrier. This product contains 2 % Bromacil and 2 % Diuron. The very dense capsules resist blow around during application, and resists the chemical “quick dump” found in other granular weed killers. Excellent pre-emergent-spring and early summer weed killer. Kill time is 5 to 14 days depending on the plant. Coverage is approximately 0.5 -1 pound per 100 square feet. Ready to use.

- Selective Broad Leaf Weed Killer (4Gals/Case) (PDF)
This product is designed for control of broad leaf weeds on turf, golf courses, park grounds and other similar non-crop turf areas. In addition to the thoroughroot kill this selective weed killer also gives an impressive top kill. This product is effective year round in cool or warm weather, but for optimum results, use should be in early spring while desirable grass is dormant and weeds are hardy. This selective weed killer is very econmical because of its high dilution rate and the reduction of reseeding costs.
  - Nonselective Soil Sterilant Herbicide -(5GA Pail) (PDF)
This total kill, nonselective soil sterilant herbicide has been formulated for rapid and thorough eradication of undesirable vegetation in non-cropland areas. This product is ready to use for easy, foolproof application with no need to measure and dilute. The product contains highly effective ingredients to provide rapid top kill and long-term, full-season root kill. This product provides the most effective features of root absorption and translocation, with leaf and stem absorption for visible top kill. Recommended areas for use include fence rows, ditches, along roadsides, powerlines, right-of-way and around buildings.
This product has proven to be extremely effective in all geographical regions, soil conditions, and temperature ranges.
  - Non-Selective Soil Sterlant Concentrated Herbicide (4Gal/Case) (PDF)
A nonselective concentrated herbicide that can be applied for post-emergent or preemergent weed control. This economical soil sterilant is dilutable at the rate of one part product to 10 parts water. One gallon of product mixed at 1 to 10 with water will cover approximately 1000 square feet. This product is water emulsifiable and noncorrosive to equipment.
The product is formulated to be a desiccant when applied to live vegetation. This ability to dehydrate the plant causes a quick top kill. In addition to an effective top kill, the treatment will be absorbed through the roots to give a complete root kill. The effect will last a full season. This particular formulation has less of a tendency to leach than many weed killers of its kind. This allows for the product to be used for spot treatment as well as for large area coverage.
This emulsifiable soil sterilant provides effective vegetation control in areas such as parking lots, fence rows, railroad sidings, drainage ditch banks and around buildings or industrial sites where soil sterilant activity is desired. Care must be taken to keep this herbicide away from desirable flower beds, lawns, shrubs and trees.
  - Aquatic and Contact Herbicide (4Gal/Case) (PDF)
This unique and versatile herbicide is intended for use as an aquatic weed killer to control and eliminate undesirable vegetation in and around water as a spot or contact killer or as chemical edger. This product does not sterilize the soil, so new growth may progress. When used as directed on product label, this herbicide can eliminate aquatic overgrowth which is unsightly, damages boating and swimming areas and provides breeding areas for insects and pests. As a chemical edger, the product may be used along fence lines, railroad tracks, beside curbs and sidewalks to control overgrowth without soil sterilant activity. Ready to use as an aquatic and dilutable with water as a contact herbicide. Nonflammable and has a low toxicity when used to control submerged and emersed aquatic plants, then becomes neutralized upon soil contact. This product contains 4.35 % Diquat Dibromide.

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